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Description of MX Player Pro

Watch videos and movies with the most powerful video player in the market - MX Player Pro.

MX Player Pro is a really dynamic and powerful video player, which gives you many options you rarely see in video players, to improve your viewing experience.

This video player will play any format you can think of. Forget about worrying you won’t be able to see certain videos, MX Player Pro’s list of compatible formats is almost endless!

MX Player Pro will make the best use of your device’s specs since it is capable of taking advantage of hardware acceleration, which allows for quicker and higher-quality playback of your videos!

Not only that, the app is able to use multi-core decoding, which means that if your device has a dual-core, the videos will run even better and more smoothly.

The way you interact with MX Player Pro is incredibly intuitive and fun. Swipe left and right to move through the menus; organically slide your finger at the bottom of the screen to pick the moment of the video you want to watch; slide up and down on the left to adjust volume, etc.

Dealing with subtitles is also easy to do. There are gestures to pick different subtitles, you can change their size and color and simply make them look the way you want. And don’t worry! Subtitle formats aren’t a problem either; all of them are compatible with the app.

MX Player Pro is all about viewing videos just the way you've always wanted. The customization options are infinite and there isn’t one video file you won’t be able to read. Download MX Player Pro now and have fun watching all the videos you want!

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waqar 3 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

Please update it to latest

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daaad954 4 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

For those who say this app crashes when playing videos, you must update your custom code for version 1.7.21 or higher and also change your h+w decoder setting.

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shafiqueshams 4 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

After 15 second it closed automatically

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edamame1 4 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

all version from all of those stores DONT WORK! Aptoide SUCK!

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Mainul Islam 4 years ago

Reply to Aptoide Bot

WTF! This 1.7.20 version not working. Patch reqiured.

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APK Version 1.9.17
Compatibility Android 4.0.1+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)
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